Hi, my name is Liv Gains (often referred to at markets as "The Crystal Lady")!  I’m a Musician, an Adventure Lover, and the Founder of Transient Turtle.
I embarked on this journey when I was 15 years old. As I grew up, my room was always filled with dreamcatchers. One day, I decided to replicate my window dreamcatcher's design. I learnt how to wind the thread, creating the enchanting flower of life design that adorns the centre of our dreamcatchers. Since then, I've embarked on various projects that all together form the diverse offerings of the Transient Turtle shop. My creations encompass loose-leaf incense, wood-burned incense holders, unique boxes, plant trellises, artisan candles, exquisite resin goods, crystal jewelry, wooden cutting boards, and a continual exploration of new projects. I'm deeply passionate about all things creative.
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