Transient Turtle


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SIZE: ~1" 

ABOUT: Ametrine showcases the vibrant colours of purple and yellow so wonderfully you wouldn’t believe the gemstone was hewn straight from the earth. Ametrine was aptly named after the two Quartz stones it is made of: Amethyst (Ame-) and Citrine (-trine). The zoning and abrupt transition of Ametrine’s colours is attributed to natural causes; a result of the changes in temperature and pressure during the gem’s formation. 

Being a stone of balance and forging connections, Ametrine is known to ease tension, usher peace, boost creativity levels, promote mental stability, and improve one’s self-confidence. Amethyst and Citrine are detoxifying stones, which makes Ametrine useful in eliminating toxins from the body

Ametrine stimulates the activity of the brain and enhances the wearer's emotional life and creativity. It symbolizes growth, promotes maturity, and encourages a more confident attitude towards life. The stone is also said to have a soothing effect on the soul, and create inner harmony on the wearer. It influences the needs and wishes of the individual, and helps resolve inner contradictions. It enhances concentration as well as intuition. 

Ametrine should be cleansed under warm running water, and then charged among amethyst crystals or geodes. 


CHAKRA: 7th Chakra // Crown // Sahasrara

1st Chakra // Root // Muladhara