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Blue Kyanite Necklace

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Blue Kyanite wire wrapped necklace 

SIZE: 15" adjustable cord with lobster clasp

ABOUT: Kyanite is ideal for wearing as a necklace because it benefits the throat chakra. It promotes the ability to speak easily and express oneself, and to learn languages. It removes energy blockages and stimulates vital energy. 

Kyanite is said to be good for focus, concentration, memory and avoiding distractions. Lucid dreaming may be fortified when sleeping next to this stone. It can also be used to help understand dreams and for meditation. Intuition and astral projection improve with the use of this stone. It is one stone that naturally aligns all the chakras, without any conscious thought. 

Psychologically, Kyanite produces positive energy, improves concentration, and encourages calmness. It help with relaxation, driving away sadness, and making life seem more worth living. 

It can be cleansed under warm running water, and recharged among quartz crystals. 


CHAKRA: 5th Chakra // Throat // Vishuddha

ASTROLOGICAL SIGN(S): Aries // Taurus // Libra