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Citrine Necklace

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Citrine wire wrapped necklace

SIZE: 15" adjustable cord with lobster clasp

ABOUT: Citrine symbolizes individuality and confidence. 
Among its other names, Citrine is also called “the merchant’s stone, ” as it is believed to assist in acquiring and maintaining wealth. Citrine is a stone of abundance which attracts prosperity and success, but also encourages sharing and generosity. Its radiant yellow colour is said to increase the amount of light that surrounds the wearer’s aura, making them less vulnerable to the influence of outside energies.

It is said to have positive effects on the nervous system, and to be especially good for people who suffer from a lack of concentration. Citrine helps to combat stress and depression, and stimulates the metabolic processes of the liver, stomach, duodenum, and pancreas. It is said to have a detoxifying effect, a positive influence on the metabolism, and to strengthen the immune system. 

Citrine can be cleansed under warm running water. 


CHAKRA: 3rd Chakra // Solar Plexus // Manipura
1st Chakra // Root // Muladhara

ASTROLOGICAL SIGN(S): Gemini // Virgo // Aries // Libra // Leo